The School at Stake – Rethinking the School Infrastructure

In Italy, territorial public infrastructures, such as schools, are at the center of a reorganization effort by public institutions. The Studio focuses on the transformation and expansion of the buildings that constitute this territorial infrastructure, in order to regenerate school buildings to respond to the issues posed by socio-cultural, demographic, and environmental changes. The studio takles the renovation of the school building stock in Turin, Italy, through retrofit operations on the existing conditions. The introduction of an “educational landscape” is merged with a passive climate control approach contemplating scalable and incremental solutions oriented towards the themes of circularity and renewability.


Green Building Design B
D. Campobenedetto, F. Favoino, C. Micono
Akkaya M., Aloscious A.T., Asadi S., Azizi A., Be T.T.N., Cheng F., Ciaccia N., Cincin A., De Souza Ramalho F.T., Diazgranados Pinzon M., Domanic M., Esmaeili P., Fares R., Ghasemipanah N., Gunay M. C., Jablonska M., Khaksari G., Khalilikhoo N., Krivonogova O., Lialinova N., Marzano M., Mattioda S., Meng S., Michoud P., Mohamed Abdelrahman L., Nossa Pardo N., Noy S., Ozturk B., Paerez Ortega L. V., Pooladsanj M., Raad A., Rezaei N., Roshan Kharrat R., Rossi S., Sadeghi F., Sarvari S., Shachar S., Shayan S., Song Y., Stringini G., Talaiekakolaki M., Tosarello M., Vafaeisaadi M., Viant G., Wang N., Wang Z., Wu Y., Yemen B., Zuleta Arnedo N.
C. Quaglio, F. Moro, M. Baracani, L. Giovannini. C. Corsico, A. Finatti
1 luglio 2022
Atelier Corsi di Laurea Magistrale Architettura per la Sostenibilità – LM