Reinventing City Assemblage

“Reinventing City Assemblage” is an experimental way of exploring cities’ complex transformations and their urban forms. Students work at different deliverables, to creatively address: a) the design of spaces for living and working that reflect changes in urban inhabitants, their lifestyle and expectations; b) the agglomeration of co-existing fragments around common grounds such as gardens, streets, and shared covered spaces; c)  the articulation of built volumes and collective or more intimate “in between” places; d) forms of urbanization that question urban indexes and building density in a challenging context in Torino. Students had the possibility of working individually and in team, engaging in re-using their peers’ proposals and understanding for real how to practice compromising.


City and Territory Studio A
F. Frassoldati, C. Lucchini, K. Painter
F. Carota, C. Quaglio, N. Suraci, J. A. Tabak
Z. Naseri, S. Natanzon, E. Chisari, E. Digirolamo, A. Awada, S. Zhang, T. Abou Saab, M.A. Andrianopoulou, A. Ferro Cao, S. Pollis, L.S. Kilic, Y. Ural, H. Liu, X. Xie, J. Li, W. Zhang, L. Fontana, C.E. Gowgiel, Z. Ahmadli, K.E. Ugur, A.L.K.S. Ekedahl, A. Rzayeva, F. El Natour, A. Ozturk, P. Candar, S. Lejeune, Z. Cagatay, C. Sen, P.H. Fernando, A.C. Sayin, T. Erdenebaatar, N. Kazbar, F. Bazhella, M. Benk, A.T. Geylan, A.Z. Gundogdu, K.C. Hannel, M. Linale, O. Akin, A. Bourbour, P. Ahangari, B.S. Durukan, S.N. Gun, Y.M. Calik, M. Ghorbani, M. Shabani, A. Longhi, M. Moradi, A. Baladi, Y. Arabaci, L.F. Vargas Lopez
8 aprile 2022
Final review Corsi di Laurea Triennale
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